Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Nov 13th/10

McPhearson cant remember how this works but packed this episode full of fresh.
This week features:
The Empires (I Want Your Gold)
Make Overs (Turboa)
Bitch Queens (Thrill Machine)
Gunfire Getdown (Little Girl)
Uncle Skunkle & The Scarecrow Family Band (Machete)
Wet Nuns (Told My Mama)
Le Carogne (Amico Sbirro)
Mouthpiece (The Frog)
The Shrubs (Zombie Chicks)
The Scrams (Tree Of Whoa)
Aphrodisiacs (Blood On Fire)
Surgeon Marta (Heinrich I Quit)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Oct 2nd/10

What a sh*t show!! McPhearson had his old netbook pounder crash in the middle of a live Poke and scrambled to record a show anyway. (what a champ)
This awesome week features:

Chickenhawk (Scorpieu)
Amish Electric Chair (Jellico Tennesse)
Jon Jones & The Beatniks Movement (Pushin Fuckin)
Cyanide Pills (Black Lighting)
The Jolts (Jinx)
Hot Little Rocket (Spill It)
Real Problems (Officer Champion)
Ninth Configuration (Vegas)
The Angry Dragons (Snake Apartment)
The Nymphets (With a Girl Like You)
True Lovers (Cougar)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Sept 4th/10

McPhearson quit smoking and is a little angry/stupid. After far to long between shows, its a bit of a cram fest. This week features:

Steel Trees (Gunpoint)
The Pack AD (Crazy)
Bankrupt (Wave of Bankruptcy)
Hell Crab City (Dirty Kid)
Real Problems (Wreck My Life)
Lloyds Garage (First Fight)
Plainfield Slim (Moan)
Trigger Effect (Leave Me Stallone)
Molten Lava (The Hunt for Shred October)
Ray Daytona & Googoobombos (Its not that i dont like)
The Get Down (Dirty Power)
The Bordellos (Blank Letter)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Aug 14th/10

After getting his scream on last episode McPhearson feels better and brings you this ball cupping masterpiece. This week features:

Oh No & The Tiger Pit (Black Holly)
The Magnificent Brotherhood (Cracker)
Mass Assembly (Junkie Love)
29th Street Disciples (Collapse)
Fake Shark Real Zombie (Shame On You Scabs)
Moutpiece (Battle Hymn of The Alcholic)
Switchblade Justice (Punk Rock Show)
The Fast Talkers (Not Your Saint)
Left Arm (Pay Day For Peewee)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke July 31st/10

Is it the heaviest show McPhearson has ever done? Who cares? Lets break shit! This week features:

Umbrella Assassins (Wrong Casino)
The Press Gang (Bullshit(Live))
Antisocial Club (Paint The Whitehouse Red)
Destruction of Mankind (Justify)
Cops Against Crooks (Fake)
The Erotics (Blast Off)
Machine Gun Dolly (She Dont Care)
Krylls (Pom Pom Pussy)
The Ruiners (Happy Birthday Bitch)
Beatbeat (With You)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke July 17th 2010

McPhearson WHO?? I know its been awhile but i am back and its SMPs birthday! This doozy of an episode features:

Hot Fiction (Start It Off)
Mouthpiece (On The Boulevard)
Fake Shark Real Zombie (Monday,Tuesday What The F*ck)
The Bloody Muffs (7Dwarfs In Hells Kitchen)
Real Problems (King Of The Strip)
The Okmoniks (On My Own)
Trigger Effect (Ghostie De Tabarnak)
Skeptic Eleptic (New Kicks)
The Satelliters (Our World Will Pass)
The British Columbians (Gasoline Handshake)
Cooter Finger (All Over But The Cryin)
No Seduction (Pull The True Love Lever)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke June 19th/10

After three weeks without Pokin It, McPhearson is a little rusty. Still put together a doozzy of a show featuring:

The Enthusiasts (In The City)
Run From Red (Jupiter Soulstar)
Captain Galaxy (The New One)
Sharp Ends (Mothersquid)
Hotgothic (Pussyboy)
Ziptye (Inspiration)
The Horribly Wrong (Living Nightmare)
Grubspoon (Fuck Virginia)
Zombie Met Girl (Disco Truck)
Propagandhi (Back to the Motor League)
Left Arm (Electric Babies)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke May 22nd/10

Still in shock from seeing Teenage Rampage come out and kill it in their first gig last night McPhearson shakes it off to bring you this equally killer SMP featuring:

The Pack AD (Cobra Matte)
Spunks (Russian Roueltte)
Lets Dance (Out on Top)
The Hydouts (The Points)
Gunfire Getdown (Bad News Baby)
Grown Ups (My Life Your Regiment)
No Manifesto (Power of The Dollar)
The Pulpit (Political Correctness Gone Wrong)
Weird Shits (Bit My Tongue)
Tuepogoe 64 (24000 Baisers)
Girl Spit (Happiness)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke May 15th/10

Fresh of a night of watching falling legends McPhearson keeps this week about straight forward but crazy Rock and Roll. This week features:

Cripple Creek Fairies with Miesha Louie (Hello There)
The Get Down (This is The City)
SNFU (Big Thumbs)
Ladybooster (Wab)
Hollywood Sinners (Little Girl)
King Automatic (Closing Time)
Baladeans (Are You Going To The Show)
The Rarest with Town Rebels (Brand New Cadillac)
Cripple Creek Fairies (Couch)
The Assassinations (Dead Meat in a State of Shock)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke May 8th/10

Happy Mothers day edition and that dope McPhearson forgot to mention that Tom Blacklung & The Smokestacks are on the show. Sooo anyway, this week features:

Von Pariahs (Disorder)
Vancouver Killing Spree (Ball Peen Hammer)
The Erotics (DFF)
Motermouth Mabel (Obnoxious)
Real Problems (Wreck My Life)
Atomic Suplex (Diamond Skull)
Repeitor (Ogledalo)
Paranoya (Standortbestimmung)
Tom Blacklung & Tha Smokestacks (Jackie Brown)
Blackheart Saints (So Cold)
The Rats (Shes a Choker)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke May 1st/10

Back from an awesome Rock n Roll vacation in Vancouver McPhearson puts together this weeks sock rockin jam. Featuring:

The Bloody Muffs (Flop House)
Propagandhi (Die Jugend Marchiert Americas Army)
The Laundronauts (Laundrezous)
Satanic Punk International Conspiracy (Hitsville TX)
The Fucking A Holes (All Fucked Up)
Owl Farm (Slip and Slide)
Guitar Slingers (Hang em High Watch em Die)
The Liquid Vapours (Fall)
Mutilators (She Put The Baby In The Microwave)
Jonathan Burks (Fancy Hobo)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke April 17th/10

McPhearson barfs out this weeks killer show. Winners of T-shirt/The Jolts 7" and play The Pack ADs "Crazy" for the first time. This week features:

The Pack AD (Crazy)
Hot Blood Bombers (In the Mercury High)
True Lovers (Cougar)
Tommygun & The Bullets (On The Line)
As Cobras Malditas (Hate To See You Go)
Belly Hole Freak (Dog Doggy rn Fetish Lickin)
Velvet Velvet Velvet (Scratch)
Anomalys (Black Hole Blues)
The Rippers (Right Time To Kill You)
Bad Rriles (N340)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke April 10th/10

Contest week!! McPhearson must have lost his mind. He is giving away The Jolts 7" and a Limited Edition SMP Gold T-Shirt just for saying Give Me That on the Contact McPhearson Page on . Draw date April 16th, Good Luck!
This week Features:

The Jolts (Kaminari Lovers)
Supersuckers (I LIke It All Man)
The Parents (Homosexual)
The Hydouts (Shitty Grin)
Persian Claws (Novacaine)
Capputtinii Lignu (Black Drellas)
Black Lips (Stoned)
The Minus Low Fi (Endorfine)
Molten Lava (The Hunt For Shred October)
Madcowboys (I Never Learn)
Trigger Effect (The Uneployment of God)
American Flamewhip (Kick It)
Nutsak (Innuedo Shminuendo)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke March 27/10

McPhearson was interviewed by this week and still cant wipe the grin off his face. Hold on this week features:

Random (Dont Buy)
Krylls (Mustangs n Mandras)
Rocket Reducers (Sauce Wagon)
The Hartes (Get Rid of That Bitch)
Right On John (Pile of Junk)
Ichabod Strangelove (Mary Louise)
The Hall Monitors (Shes my Methadone)
Hemmit (Hold Out)
The Disadvantaged (Cop Cunt)
Jaya The Cat (Closing Time)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke March 20th/10

Putting some Kooky Jams all up in your face, McPhearsons back. This week features:
Die Wasted (Sex, Drinks and Aqua Net)
Propagandi (Back to The Motor League)
Satanic Punk International Conspiracy (Excuse All The Blood)
The Spits (Spit Me Out)
The Rats (Lets Keep It Superficial)
The Bloody Muffs (Love Me Like a Drug)
The Rippers (My Brown Friend)
The Unsacred Hearts (Coast of Cleavland)
Right on John (Damage)
Ladybooster (Wab)
Los Explosivos (Hombre Lobo)
Hellbound Glory (Ballad of Scumbag Cowboy)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke March 13th/10

Fresh off the vasectomy operating table McPhearson brings you a short 20 min face fuck. Featuring:
Trigger Effect (You now Have 21-03 to Live)(Nothing Says Action Like Giant Robots)
Crud (Meat Detonation)
Gunfire Getdown (Rock Bottom)
Capsula (Kicking It Out)
The Erotics (Drop The Bomb)
Motormouth Mabel (Liquor Store Lurker)
Jawbone (My Daddy)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke March 6th/10

After two weeks off McPhearson reaches past his hernia into his crotch of thunder to bring you this sweaty episode. Featuring:

Real Problems (Its Over Baby)
Paranoya (Standortbestimmung)
As Cobras Malditas (I Love Myself For Hating You)
Guitar Slingers (I Win You Lose)
Xgeezer (My Own Worst Enemy)
Shave (Icky Soda)
Die Wasted (Into The Tavern...)
Will Tang (Furi Accelerator)
2 Dollars Out The Door (Death to False Rebels)
No Seduction (Steak Houses)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Feb 13th/10

Sporting a 2010 Olympics hard-on McPhearson remembers some of the bands who were kind enough to send in their music in the early days. This weeks taint banger Features:

Motormouth Mabel (PBR Be My Valentine)
The Jolts (An Electric Testimonial)
True Lovers (Death Threat)
The Angry Dragons (Hex)
The Cheats (Enter Black Theatre)
Oh My Word (Shades Mix 2)
Jon Jones and The Beatniks Movement (Rope)
Pulled Apart by Horses (The Lighthouse)
Vancouver Killing Spree (Thatchie Magoon)
Helcion (Laughing Stock)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Feb 6th/10

Sounding a little bagged McPhearson who is suffering from fart poisoning somehow whipped up this keeper episode. This week Features:

Nephu Huzzband (No Not Ever)
Don Juan y Los Blancos (Waste)
Umbrella Assassins (Psyclone Cities)
Injectors (Just Break It)
Girl Spit (Happiness)
Jehosaphat Blow (Hipshaking Hangover Cure no 69)
Sunglasses After Dark (Short Distance Shotgun Fight)
The Hooten Hollers (16 Gallons)
Strait Laces (Where The Wolf Roam)
Hairspray Blues (Wild Bucking Pony)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Jan 30th/10

Holy smokes! This week McPhearson fends off what could only be described as an aggressive spider and his consistently shitty microphone to bring you another 30min indie rock ball flick. This week Features:

Beladeans (Are You Going to The Show)
Los Explosivos (Hombre Lobo)
Severance Package (Invisable Hand)
Fattooth (Slave)
Police Bastard (The Lie)
The Spunks (Silly Girl)
Skeptic Eleptic (Alexandra)
No Seduction (Midday Microwaves)
The Beat Rats (Mine All Mine)
Blood Alley (Die Die Die)
Hotgothic (Yourinate)
Zombie Met Girl (California)
Sex Piano (Fucked Up Freaks)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Jan 23rd/10

This week McPhearson keeps it short and wanky. This show Features:

Handsum Pete (Mass Revolutionary Suicide)
Butcher & Bolt (Monster)
Repetitor (Zdravo Za Gotvo)
Machine Gun Dolly (She Dont Care)
The Parents (Teenage Rear Action)
ADZ (Crime Spree)
Anarchistwood (Snake)
Leaders (Creeping Dose)
Long Bone Trio (Peekaboo Widow)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Jan 16/10

Now only wearing Saturday Morning Poke gear McPhearson (looking incredibly cool) put together another Rama Lama Jam, Featuring:

Ten Pints In (One More Round)
Spunks (Russian Roueltte)
Avail (Scuffle Town)
Zombie Met Girl (Basement)
Motormouth Mabel (Obnoxious)
The Revellions (Up To You)
Pasonics (Kinky Grrrl)
Impediments (Violence)
Hemmit (Hemmit High)
Ampsex (My Best Friend Is A Punk)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Jan 9th/10

McPhearson starts 2010 forgetting to write a play list when recording, rendering him more useless in the info department. After picking up the pieces he figures this week Features:

Umbrella Assassins (I dont know about that)
Severance Package (Wash Your Mouth)
Kickstart (Harmonica)
Howlin Tumbleweeds (Buckshot)
Skeptic Eleptic (New Kicks)
Wau y Los Arrrghs (Copa Raya Paliza)
Don Juan y Los Blancos (Dont You Just Know It)
Miyage Noir hansel (Shtonk)
Leaders (Electric Cadaver)
Getto Demons (Guilty)