Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Morning Poke April 8 2012

McPhearson might have included a few bands the may or may not be playing 2012 Sled Island Festival. Spring is here so grab a rake and your dancing shoes. This week features:

Fist City (Caveman's Lunch)
Cousins (Jules)
Brazilian Money (Jive With The Killer Instinct)
Vlasta Popic (Za o-injake)
New Bleeders (Ox Blood)
Greys (Situationism)
Sweet Weapons (The Big Green)
Boogalizer (Imagina Que Matas a Jota)
Girl Spit (Frankenchild)
Repetitor (Zivotinje)
Hot Gothic (No! Rave!)
Evans The Death (Im So Unclean)
POLICA (Lay Your Cards Out)


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Morning Poke Feb 26/12

No your calenders are not broken folks, McPhearson just had that much awesome that it required 2 Feb episodes. This weeks amazing line-up features:

Death by Unga Bunga (Dont go Looking For My Heart)
Headons (Once Upon)
Anchoress (Brooks Was Here)
Poor Lily (In Gravitas Veritas)
Royal Rad Brigade (Broken Swallows)
Preverse (Wont Comply)
The Manxx (Messin Around)
The Pygmies (Because Your Mine)
The Bloody Muffs (La Foufoune Electrique)
The Pulsebeats (Wanna Make You Mine)
Super Fast Girlie Show & Villy Raze (Sniffin Out The Dirty Rat)
Pillow Fight (In The Afternoon)


Friday, February 3, 2012

Saturday Morning Poke Feb 4/12

McPhearson realizes a month late that Saturday Morning Poke podcast is 3yrs old. Happy to get this doozy of a show out as the first of 2012. This week features:

The Group Sound (Secret Girlfriend)
Mondo Ray (Brush Your Tits)
Sass Dragons (Your Turn Cop)
Toxic Potato (Riot Radio (cover))
Sissy (Darts)
The Shrapnelles (My Moms Hot)
Idiot Honies (Girl Kick)
The Fadeaways (I Wanna Get Some Action)
Thee Oh Sees (AA Warm Breeze)
The You Are Minez (Vilians Filles,Mauvais Garcons)
DeWolff (Dont You Go Up The Sky)