Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke May 22nd/10

Still in shock from seeing Teenage Rampage come out and kill it in their first gig last night McPhearson shakes it off to bring you this equally killer SMP featuring:

The Pack AD (Cobra Matte)
Spunks (Russian Roueltte)
Lets Dance (Out on Top)
The Hydouts (The Points)
Gunfire Getdown (Bad News Baby)
Grown Ups (My Life Your Regiment)
No Manifesto (Power of The Dollar)
The Pulpit (Political Correctness Gone Wrong)
Weird Shits (Bit My Tongue)
Tuepogoe 64 (24000 Baisers)
Girl Spit (Happiness)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke May 15th/10

Fresh of a night of watching falling legends McPhearson keeps this week about straight forward but crazy Rock and Roll. This week features:

Cripple Creek Fairies with Miesha Louie (Hello There)
The Get Down (This is The City)
SNFU (Big Thumbs)
Ladybooster (Wab)
Hollywood Sinners (Little Girl)
King Automatic (Closing Time)
Baladeans (Are You Going To The Show)
The Rarest with Town Rebels (Brand New Cadillac)
Cripple Creek Fairies (Couch)
The Assassinations (Dead Meat in a State of Shock)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke May 8th/10

Happy Mothers day edition and that dope McPhearson forgot to mention that Tom Blacklung & The Smokestacks are on the show. Sooo anyway, this week features:

Von Pariahs (Disorder)
Vancouver Killing Spree (Ball Peen Hammer)
The Erotics (DFF)
Motermouth Mabel (Obnoxious)
Real Problems (Wreck My Life)
Atomic Suplex (Diamond Skull)
Repeitor (Ogledalo)
Paranoya (Standortbestimmung)
Tom Blacklung & Tha Smokestacks (Jackie Brown)
Blackheart Saints (So Cold)
The Rats (Shes a Choker)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke May 1st/10

Back from an awesome Rock n Roll vacation in Vancouver McPhearson puts together this weeks sock rockin jam. Featuring:

The Bloody Muffs (Flop House)
Propagandhi (Die Jugend Marchiert Americas Army)
The Laundronauts (Laundrezous)
Satanic Punk International Conspiracy (Hitsville TX)
The Fucking A Holes (All Fucked Up)
Owl Farm (Slip and Slide)
Guitar Slingers (Hang em High Watch em Die)
The Liquid Vapours (Fall)
Mutilators (She Put The Baby In The Microwave)
Jonathan Burks (Fancy Hobo)