Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke March 27/10

McPhearson was interviewed by this week and still cant wipe the grin off his face. Hold on this week features:

Random (Dont Buy)
Krylls (Mustangs n Mandras)
Rocket Reducers (Sauce Wagon)
The Hartes (Get Rid of That Bitch)
Right On John (Pile of Junk)
Ichabod Strangelove (Mary Louise)
The Hall Monitors (Shes my Methadone)
Hemmit (Hold Out)
The Disadvantaged (Cop Cunt)
Jaya The Cat (Closing Time)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke March 20th/10

Putting some Kooky Jams all up in your face, McPhearsons back. This week features:
Die Wasted (Sex, Drinks and Aqua Net)
Propagandi (Back to The Motor League)
Satanic Punk International Conspiracy (Excuse All The Blood)
The Spits (Spit Me Out)
The Rats (Lets Keep It Superficial)
The Bloody Muffs (Love Me Like a Drug)
The Rippers (My Brown Friend)
The Unsacred Hearts (Coast of Cleavland)
Right on John (Damage)
Ladybooster (Wab)
Los Explosivos (Hombre Lobo)
Hellbound Glory (Ballad of Scumbag Cowboy)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke March 13th/10

Fresh off the vasectomy operating table McPhearson brings you a short 20 min face fuck. Featuring:
Trigger Effect (You now Have 21-03 to Live)(Nothing Says Action Like Giant Robots)
Crud (Meat Detonation)
Gunfire Getdown (Rock Bottom)
Capsula (Kicking It Out)
The Erotics (Drop The Bomb)
Motormouth Mabel (Liquor Store Lurker)
Jawbone (My Daddy)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke March 6th/10

After two weeks off McPhearson reaches past his hernia into his crotch of thunder to bring you this sweaty episode. Featuring:

Real Problems (Its Over Baby)
Paranoya (Standortbestimmung)
As Cobras Malditas (I Love Myself For Hating You)
Guitar Slingers (I Win You Lose)
Xgeezer (My Own Worst Enemy)
Shave (Icky Soda)
Die Wasted (Into The Tavern...)
Will Tang (Furi Accelerator)
2 Dollars Out The Door (Death to False Rebels)
No Seduction (Steak Houses)