Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Jan 30th/10

Holy smokes! This week McPhearson fends off what could only be described as an aggressive spider and his consistently shitty microphone to bring you another 30min indie rock ball flick. This week Features:

Beladeans (Are You Going to The Show)
Los Explosivos (Hombre Lobo)
Severance Package (Invisable Hand)
Fattooth (Slave)
Police Bastard (The Lie)
The Spunks (Silly Girl)
Skeptic Eleptic (Alexandra)
No Seduction (Midday Microwaves)
The Beat Rats (Mine All Mine)
Blood Alley (Die Die Die)
Hotgothic (Yourinate)
Zombie Met Girl (California)
Sex Piano (Fucked Up Freaks)

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