Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke July 17th 2010

McPhearson WHO?? I know its been awhile but i am back and its SMPs birthday! This doozy of an episode features:

Hot Fiction (Start It Off)
Mouthpiece (On The Boulevard)
Fake Shark Real Zombie (Monday,Tuesday What The F*ck)
The Bloody Muffs (7Dwarfs In Hells Kitchen)
Real Problems (King Of The Strip)
The Okmoniks (On My Own)
Trigger Effect (Ghostie De Tabarnak)
Skeptic Eleptic (New Kicks)
The Satelliters (Our World Will Pass)
The British Columbians (Gasoline Handshake)
Cooter Finger (All Over But The Cryin)
No Seduction (Pull The True Love Lever)

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