Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Feb 13th/10

Sporting a 2010 Olympics hard-on McPhearson remembers some of the bands who were kind enough to send in their music in the early days. This weeks taint banger Features:

Motormouth Mabel (PBR Be My Valentine)
The Jolts (An Electric Testimonial)
True Lovers (Death Threat)
The Angry Dragons (Hex)
The Cheats (Enter Black Theatre)
Oh My Word (Shades Mix 2)
Jon Jones and The Beatniks Movement (Rope)
Pulled Apart by Horses (The Lighthouse)
Vancouver Killing Spree (Thatchie Magoon)
Helcion (Laughing Stock)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke Feb 6th/10

Sounding a little bagged McPhearson who is suffering from fart poisoning somehow whipped up this keeper episode. This week Features:

Nephu Huzzband (No Not Ever)
Don Juan y Los Blancos (Waste)
Umbrella Assassins (Psyclone Cities)
Injectors (Just Break It)
Girl Spit (Happiness)
Jehosaphat Blow (Hipshaking Hangover Cure no 69)
Sunglasses After Dark (Short Distance Shotgun Fight)
The Hooten Hollers (16 Gallons)
Strait Laces (Where The Wolf Roam)
Hairspray Blues (Wild Bucking Pony)