Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke April 17th/10

McPhearson barfs out this weeks killer show. Winners of T-shirt/The Jolts 7" and play The Pack ADs "Crazy" for the first time. This week features:

The Pack AD (Crazy)
Hot Blood Bombers (In the Mercury High)
True Lovers (Cougar)
Tommygun & The Bullets (On The Line)
As Cobras Malditas (Hate To See You Go)
Belly Hole Freak (Dog Doggy rn Fetish Lickin)
Velvet Velvet Velvet (Scratch)
Anomalys (Black Hole Blues)
The Rippers (Right Time To Kill You)
Bad Rriles (N340)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Morning Poke April 10th/10

Contest week!! McPhearson must have lost his mind. He is giving away The Jolts 7" and a Limited Edition SMP Gold T-Shirt just for saying Give Me That on the Contact McPhearson Page on . Draw date April 16th, Good Luck!
This week Features:

The Jolts (Kaminari Lovers)
Supersuckers (I LIke It All Man)
The Parents (Homosexual)
The Hydouts (Shitty Grin)
Persian Claws (Novacaine)
Capputtinii Lignu (Black Drellas)
Black Lips (Stoned)
The Minus Low Fi (Endorfine)
Molten Lava (The Hunt For Shred October)
Madcowboys (I Never Learn)
Trigger Effect (The Uneployment of God)
American Flamewhip (Kick It)
Nutsak (Innuedo Shminuendo)