Friday, December 30, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke Dec 31/11

Sneekin in the back door, McPhearson manages one last 2011 podcast. Now a part of the FREE Stitcher Smart Radio app using promo code MORNINGPOKE .
McPhearson would like to thank all who have supported & listened in 2011 to this less than consistent podcast. SMP plans to continue in 2012 with more of the same great music from unbelievable bands who make their work available.
Hold on this week features:

Moovalya (Stay True)
Daybreaker (Were Still Singing)
Broncho (Try Me Out Sometime)
Cuddly Shark (Bowl of Cherries)
Tumbledown (Dead Man Walking)
Wet Nuns (Get It On)
Beng Beng Cocktail (Jesus Drinks Absynthe)
Photon Dynamo & The Shiny Pieces (Curiously in The Middle)
Radiation City (The Color of Industry)


Friday, November 25, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke Nov 26/11

McPhearson's occupying the mic again and not really making any excuses other than he started watching "Walking Dead". Zombie excuses aside this week may be among the best group of fantastic bands you have ever heard. This week features:

Vices I Admire (By The Way)
Loud Squirt (Willy Nilly Breakdown)
Prevenge (Sense of Blood)
Wyldlife (City of Inbreds)
Richmond Fontaine (Lst in The Trees)
Bad For Lazarus (Old Rats New Ship)
Cinema Red and Blue (Walkin in The Cemetery)
Capsula (Hit or Miss)
Plymouth Fury (Christine)
Sean Hayes (Garden)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke Sept 24/11

This weeks SMP is full of awesome and absent of McPhearson. Turn it up as loud as you can & enjoy.

Heads Will Roll (Product & Process)
Buddy Black (The Side)
Girl Spit (Stumble)
Epecb (Golem)
Meanagers (Short)
Wartgore Hellsnicker (Karl vs Groucho)
Lloyds Garage (Warmth)
Snore (Lunch)
Ray Daytona & The Googoobombos (Space Time Spyral)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke Aug 6/11

This week sounds like its hosted by RoboMcPhearson but the musics rad. This one goes out to all of yesterdays Hail storm survivors in Calgary and the one chap who didn't make it.
This week features:

Gorgeous (Short Shorts)
The Jim Jones Revue (High Horse)
Hard Feelings (New Equations)
Ghost Knife (Soft Bullets)
Mexican Moustache (Ready For Action)
Atomsplit (Your My Project)
Baby Tears (Bang It Out)
Ferocious Few (Porcelain Doll)
La Dispute (Eleven)
The Mag Seven (I Drive Like Steve McQueen)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke July 30/11

Back from holiday and feeling relaxed McPhearson takes it down a thousand but keeps this week full of awesome new tracks. This week features:

The Fast Talkers (Spiritual Bleeder)
Joys of Madness (The Critic)
Charles Bradley & The Menahan St Band (Stay Away (via Newermind))
Cain Marko (At Sea in St Paul)
Ctrl the Mob (Lorraine)
Les Webb (Chop Top Suicide)
Hot Mess (Brian in The Kitchen)
The Pack AD (Sirens)
The Features (How it Starts)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke July 16/11

As McPhearson prepares for a week of sun & beaches in Kimberley BC with The Poke family he thought it might be nice to leave you a new episode. Hold on to your hats this week features:

Mujeres (Blood Meridian)
Rat Attack (The Southern Lights)
Plane Crasher (Massive Hassle)
Means (Hello What You Cant Have)
City Hunter (Hoove)
Art Brut (Unprofessional Wrestling)
Kong (Count to Nine (fet. Matt Caughthran))
Ferocious Few (Kathleen)
The Rival Mob (Mind Over Matter)
Blacklisters (Sword)
run,WALK (Peekay)
ANS (If You Dont Get It Now)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke July 9/11

It's Summer and The Calgary Stampede has begun! McPhearson ignores the fact it's Stampede but manages to remember its summer. This week Features:

Cab 20 (Stomp)
Fist City (Spit)
Last Under The Sun (More Helicopters)
Moovalya (Wasteland)
Poor Lily (800 Jerks)
Shannon & The Clams (Troublemaker)
Sons & Daughters (The Nest)
Speak Friend (Rhythm of The Dying World)
Persian Claws (Move Through Time)
Sassy!!! (Its Bad Its Good)
The Professor & His One Man Dirty... (Washing in The Blood of Rock n Roll)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke June 18/11

Its a classic case of man in basement making podcast! McPhearson goes on about Sled Island Festival 2011 AGAIN! Then hits you with an amazing episode featuring:

The United Sons of Toil (The Shining Path)
Monotonix (Summers & Autumns (Via Daytrotter))
Hot Panda (Mindlessnesslessness)
Weirdonia (Green Tables)
The Minutes (I.M.T.O.D)
Gorgeous (Get Back)
Trufflelina (The First Band to Play...)
Hot Mess (Hair Dryer)
Cake (Rock n Roll Lifestyle)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke June 11/11

Its June! Perhaps McPhearson missed the memo that hardcore shows don't get as many listeners or maybe he doesn't care. With Sled Island Festival approaching and the summer weather upon us McPhearson brings you this balls out episode, featuring:

End of a Year (10 Eddie Antar)
Motormouth Mable (County Fair)
Bitter End (Unjust)
Wildlife (Dont Expect)
DOM (Hardcore)
Killing The Dream (Blame The Architects)
The Positives ( The Amp and The Drummer)
Carpathian (Wanderlust)
Speak Friend (Danger Danger)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke May 28/11

Even though its been raining in Calgary for what seems like forever McPhearson manages to put together a Hot Poke. Swing by for band links and great ways to support SMP podcast. This week features:

The Hex Dispensers (Taxidermy Porno)
Chop Suzy (El Camino Love Song)
Rum Runner (Tonight, Tonight, Tonight)
Control The Mob (Come On)
Animal Train (Evil Behind The Wheel)
Coke Rocket (BURzum)
The Heavenly States (Modern Son)
Watgore Hellsnicker (Karl vs Groucho)
Thee Oh Sees (Crack in Your Eye (live KEXP))

Friday, May 20, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke May 21/11

Boom! McPhearson is weekly again bitches. Maybe its the excitement around Sled Island Festival 2011 line up or that is finally looking sexy. Its summer gang, lets sweat together. This week features:

Mariachi El Bronx (Slave Labor)
The Pornostuntman (Dont Let Me Down)
ZHOD (Vergewaltigt von doktor assl)
Trashmind (When Do You Run Riot)
29th Street Disciples (A Letter To Life)
The Hussy (Have a Say)
The Unsatisfied (The Lovin)
The Scrams (Steve Sangre)
The Phantom Scars (Under My Hood)
Capsula (Hit n Miss)
Roger Alan Wade (Ruins of Paradise)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke May 14/11

Once again taking his sweet little time about it, McPhearson managaes to put together quite a good show. This week features:

Snore (Hee-Haa)
Steel Trees (Sucker-punch)
Joe Six Pack (Two Faced Pez Dispenser)
Team Killer (No More)
No Use For a Name (I Want To Be Wrong)
Horror Deluxe (Obedeza o deus cachorro)
Nosferatu D2 (Springsteen)
Royal Volume (Love Machine)
Black Friday 29 (Tell Tale Stories)
TAWFAWW (The Luscious Things)
The Gaa Gaa's (Hypnotize Me)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke March 19/11

SXSW is wrapping up and Sled Island Festival has just announced the first 7 bands, out of over 200 that play one of Canada's best festivals. Spring is here and McPhearson sporting festival wood put together a doosy of a show. This week Features:

King Khan & The Shrines (Land of The Freak)
Scorpion vs Tarantula (I Don't Want to Dance)
Shiner (Annerly Road)
La Dispute (New Storm for Old Lovers)
Smoking Popes (Sandra)
Bad for Lazarus (Kemptown Animal)
Obits (Shift Operator)
Le Carogne (Kaos pad Blues)
Pseudo Kids (Jimmys Buffet)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke Feb 26th/11

Barely getting an episode out for February McPhearson puts out this killer mix to pull the show out of the fire. This Week Features:
Perry H Mathews (20th Street Liquor)
Drunk Horse (Strange Transgressors)
Entrance (Grim Reaper Blues)
Chickenhawk (Son of CERN)
Blackstrap (Winning Speech)
Stnnng (New Black Hole)
Waylon Thorton & The Heavy Hands (Human Razor)
Dogs Bollocks (Icon)
Sharp Ends (Mothersquid)
Humanfly (Cum to my Techno Party)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke Jan 29/11

Its snowing like crazy in beautiful Calgary Alberta Canada but McPhearson is keeping thing HOT! Talking about Sled Island Festival as well as Fresh and Smoked 10K Music Vid contest. This week features:
Scorpion Vs Tarantula (Switch it on and Shake)
Cyanide Pills (Waiting For Nightfall)
Uncle Skunkle & The Scarecrow Family Band (Harvest Falls)
The Raws (Bugim)
ZHOD (Verewaltigt Von Doktor Assler)
Tom Blacklung & The Smokestacks (Asshole and Slut)
Paranoya (Zwanghaft)
Wet Nuns (7 Year Itch)
Thee Vicars (Come On Stomp)
Thee Oh Nos (Straight Home)
The Ruiners (Sugar Buzz)
Howlin Tumbleweeds (The Valley)
Mechanical Black (Incinerate)