Friday, December 30, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke Dec 31/11

Sneekin in the back door, McPhearson manages one last 2011 podcast. Now a part of the FREE Stitcher Smart Radio app using promo code MORNINGPOKE .
McPhearson would like to thank all who have supported & listened in 2011 to this less than consistent podcast. SMP plans to continue in 2012 with more of the same great music from unbelievable bands who make their work available.
Hold on this week features:

Moovalya (Stay True)
Daybreaker (Were Still Singing)
Broncho (Try Me Out Sometime)
Cuddly Shark (Bowl of Cherries)
Tumbledown (Dead Man Walking)
Wet Nuns (Get It On)
Beng Beng Cocktail (Jesus Drinks Absynthe)
Photon Dynamo & The Shiny Pieces (Curiously in The Middle)
Radiation City (The Color of Industry)


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