Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Morning Poke July 16/11

As McPhearson prepares for a week of sun & beaches in Kimberley BC with The Poke family he thought it might be nice to leave you a new episode. Hold on to your hats this week features:

Mujeres (Blood Meridian)
Rat Attack (The Southern Lights)
Plane Crasher (Massive Hassle)
Means (Hello What You Cant Have)
City Hunter (Hoove)
Art Brut (Unprofessional Wrestling)
Kong (Count to Nine (fet. Matt Caughthran))
Ferocious Few (Kathleen)
The Rival Mob (Mind Over Matter)
Blacklisters (Sword)
run,WALK (Peekay)
ANS (If You Dont Get It Now)

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