Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saturday Morning Poke Best of 2009

Its the end of 2009 and McPhearson celebrates be cramming 22 of his favorite plays onto one super show. Happy Newyear, grab the one you have been wanting to all night, plant a big wet smootch on em and shake the night away with SMP.

This SMP Features:

That Fucking Tank (Dave Grolsch)
Butcher And Bolt (Feeding Clinic)
Repetitor (Pukotine)
Vancouver Killing Spree (VKS)
The Pack AD (Build)
The Parents (Telekinesis)
The Black Apples (Leave Before My Time)
Snore (Geronimo)
Skintight Jaguars (Between Death and Dispair)
Aphrodisiacs (Blood on Fire)
Pulled Apart By Horses (Meat Balloon)
The East Texas Tramps (Shake And Bake)
The British Columbians (Hoodoo)
The Jolts (Bloody Eye Socket)
Molten Lava (The Hunt for Shred October)
Autoramas (Tudo Errado)
Antisocial Club (Accountable)
Madcowboys (Fucked Up)
Christian Beshore (Operator)
Hot Gothic (Pussyboy)
The Rarest (No More Hotdogs) (Shes My Baby Doll)

POKE IT 2009!

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